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Infographic Project

Infographic of the continents

This project we had to create a infographic based on population, but it could be any subject that we wanted. I started of with researching other infographics both online and also at the library with books such as Information is Beautiful and Data Flow. The subject I ended up going with was the opulation of the continents and how they compare to each other.

Skills used

logo design
Type design

Programmes used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe colour

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Colour palette and font

Starting this project I wanted to do a different approach and choose the font at the start while doing the research for the topic, I wanted to choose a positive colour palette and font and then build the design upon that so that the project had a direction.

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I think that the logo is interesting as well as expressing that it is a information based project, I created it by turning the typeface into a shape so I could then manipulate the achor points so that the 'Infographic' and 'continents' would be prominent and the 'of the' would fit in nicely.

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Illustration Sketches

From the research I did on infographics I knew that the illustrations that represent the information are really important, the user has to be able to look at the illustration and know exactly what the information is.

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I worked hard on creating a file of illustration assets that would work for the project. I created all of them on illustrator and tried to maintain a level of consistency throughout and try to stick to the colour palette but I did use others when the illustration had more detail.

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Unused layout sketches

This is a layout plan that I had but didn't end up using because the amount of information that there was to present, this layout just wasn't realistic and I would have given myself a headache trying to squeeze it all in.

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Layout sketches

In every infographic the layout is crucial to get right, this is because the amount of information that there is you want to make it as smooth and easy for the user to take the information in. Users often like to read infographics quicker rather than slower so the layout has to keep this in mind.

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First section

Here is the first section of the inforagraphic, here I just wanted to give the user an idea of what the inforgraphic was and what information would be included in the infographic, so I included the illustration of the earth below the logo and I also flanked these two with the names of the continents.

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Second section

The second section is very illustration heavy along with the different stats that it's representing, I worked on getting the balance right across the page by creating enough space between the different elements which I feel like I did well enough.

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Third section

For the third section I made a lot of changes from what it originally looked like, this was because I forgot my research and laid the information out in text without considering how the user would interact with it, but I redesigned it and made the stats standout so it could get the attention of the user.

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Fourth section

The fourth section went under a few different versions to try and get the table the way I wanted it to be, this was both to save space but also be clear and easy for the reader to read. The final version of the table is the best because I think the information is clear to see and it also looks good.